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  • Shawkat Shami

    Shawkat Shami


    The Shawkat Shami Jewelry story began back in 1994 when the late Shawkat Shami opened a boutique jewelry store in Amman, Jordan. Shawkat Shami was a renowned businessman with extensive experience in trade and currency exchange dating as far back as 1948.

    Today, Shawkat Shami Fine Jewelry Salon has become synonymous with fine craftsmanship, customer service, and exceptional product quality. Each piece created by Shawkat Shami Jewelry reflects originality, perfection, and uniqueness influenced by both Middle Eastern and Western cultures.

    The essence of Shawkat Shami Jewelry is creative innovation that allows our clients to breathe life into stones! Indeed, each one of our artistic creations is brought to life by the person wearing it, with every individual piece telling a story or representing a personal style.

    Shawkat Shami Jewelry offers among the finest collections of precious and semi-precious stones. These range from exquisite white diamonds to the rarest fancy colored diamonds, as well as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Remaining committed to the Shawkat Shami heritage of efficiency and perfection, each manufactured piece of jewelry stone is hand-picked to provide efficiency and originality.

  • Ibrahim Shami

    Ibrahim Shami

    Ibrahim Shami was born in Amman, Jordan on June 15, 1965 to Inshirah and Shawkat Shami, the eldest of their four children. The family jewelry business, started by his father, the late Shawkat Shami, was always central to his life. Endless hours were spent in the store observing and mastering his craft. Shawkat, recognizing Ibrahim’s natural business talent and flair for jewelry design, taught his son the business.

    In 1987, Ibrahim Shami was awarded his Master Certificate in International Business Science from the University of Hartford, Connecticut and the following year received his Honors.

    As his passion for jewelry grew, Ibrahim received his GIA certificate in colored stone grading in 1996 and became a certified diamond grader from HRD - Institute of Gemology in 2002.

    Inspired by their own unique and creative vision, it was during the early 2000s that Ibrahim and his younger brother Basem embarked on transforming Shawkat Shami Fine Jewelry Salon into what it is today. As Jordan’s most successful jewelry store, Shawkat Shami Jewelry epitomizes exceptional quality, enduring designs, and outstanding customer service.

    Ibrahim currently lives in Amman, Jordan with his wife, son, and three daughters.

  • Basem Shami

    Basem Shami

    Basem Shami was born on June 20, 1967 to proud parents Inshirah and Shawkat Shami, as the second child among four children. Basem spent many hours of his youth learning from his father, the late Shawkat Shami, conducting business in the family jewelry store where Shawkat nurtured his enquiring mind and sharp business acumen.

    In 1992, Basem was awarded his Bachelor Certificate in Finance and Accounting from the University of Hartford, Connecticut.

    Basem has spent many years traveling the world participating in jewelry shows, and in 2000 he received his Diamond Grading certificate from HRD - Institute of Gemology.

    In the 1990’s, inspired by their own unique and creative vision, Basem and his older brother Ibrahim embarked on building Shawkat Shami Fine Jewelry Salon into what it is today. As Jordan’s leading jewelry store, Shawkat Shami Jewelry epitomizes exceptional quality, ever-lasting designs, and customer service of the highest standard.

    Basem currently lives with his wife, two sons, and two daughters in Amman, Jordan.


Jewellery Design

In addition to offering vast collections of ready-to-wear jewelry pieces, Shawkat Shami Jewelry provides its clients with the opportunity to create their own customized jewelry. If you have a creative streak or an idea in mind, Shawkat Shami can help translate that into a personalized piece just for you.

When creating custom-made pieces at Shawkat Shami Jewelry, clients are presented with design options followed by moulds that enable them to visualize the finished product, thereby making an informed choice.




The majority of pieces displayed at Shawkat Shami Jewelry are handcrafted exclusively at the Shawakt Shami atelier. All the pieces are manufactured using cutting-edge technologies and the latest industry techniques. Our team of gemologists has impeccable credentials and has been carefully trained in the procurement of fine gems. Diamonds and gems used to interpret the Shawkat Shami designs are authenticated with gemological lab reports.

Remaining committed to the Shawkat Shami heritage of excellence and perfection, each manufactured piece is hand-finished, undergoing a rigorous process of quality assurance before it is engraved with the trusted “Shami” logo.

At Shawkat Shami Jewelry, we don’t just sell you a piece of jewelry. We sell you a certified work of art.

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When you purchase a diamond or gemstone from Shawkat Shami Jewelry, you will receive a Shami Jewelry Certificate. This documents the characteristics of your diamond or gemstone, thereby ensuring your lifetime authenticity guarantee.


  • It’s all about love…

    The Shawkat Shami Fine Jewelry Salon’s slogan is love…

    Without love, it is simply impossible and unrealistic for life to exist as love is what makes the world a better place… sequentially, we have learned to love and find love in endless matters, such as the love of creativity and originality, love of design, love of innovation and progression, love of working, love of beauty, love of people, family, friends, relatives, and countless more.

    The Shawkat Shami Fine Jewelry Salon has merged all this love, and in turn has become apparent in our jewelry pieces; making them unique and special. Therefore, when you purchase a piece from our store, in addition to the love filled, inventiveness and originality with our rare stones and high end designs are a guarantee.

    It’s all about love…

  • الحب هو اجمل ما في هذه الدنيا...

    شعارنا في دار مجوهرات شوكت الشامي هو الحب، لولا الحب لن تستمر الحياة، الحب هو اجمل ما في الكون ، فالحب انواع وانواع لا تنتهي.. منها حب الوطن، وحب الابداع و حب التميز وحب التصميم وحب التطوير و التطور و حب التعليم والتعلم وحب القيادة وحب العمل وحب الجمال وحب الناس والعائلة والجيران والأهل والأقارب .. فلا نستطيع ان نحصي انواع الحب. لقد دمجنا حب خدمة الزبائن والتميز والابداع والتصميم في جميع قطع مجوهرات شوكت الشامي.

    عند اقتنائك لقطعة من مجوهرات شوكت الشامي بالاضافة الى الابداع والتميز بالأحجار النادرة من المجوهرات والتصاميم الراقية فانها تحتوي على كل انواع الحب بداخلها.

    الحب هو اجمل ما في هذه الدنيا.

  • Il s’agit d’amour…

    Le slogan du salon de bijouterie de Shawkat Shami Fine est l’amour…

    Sans amour, il est simplement impossible et irréaliste que la vie existe car l'amour est ce qui rend le monde meilleur ... séquentiellement, nous avons appris à aimer et à trouver l'amour dans des sujets sans fin, tel que l'amour de la créativité et l'originalité , l'amour de l'innovation et de la progression, l'amour du travail, l'amour de la beauté, l'amour des gens, de la famille, des amis, des parents et d'innombrables autres.

    Le Salon de bijouterie de Shawkat Shami fine a fusionné tout cet amour, et à son tour est devenu évident dans nos pièces de bijoux; ce qui les rend uniques et spéciaux. Par conséquent, lorsque vous achetez une pièce de notre magasin, en plus de l'amour rempli, l'inventivité et l'originalité avec nos pierres rares et des designs haut de gamme sont une garantie.

    Il s’agit d’amour…

  • Questione d’amore

    Lo slogan che ci distingue nel Salone di gioielleria della Shawkat Shami è l’amore.

    Senza amore è semplicemente impossibile e irrealistico per la vita di esistere. L’amore rende il mondo un posto migliore. Abbiamo imparato ad amare e a trovare l’amore in molte questioni; l’amore per la creatività e l’originalità, amore per il design, amore per l’innovazione e il progresso, amore per il lavoro, amore per la bellezza, amore per la gente, per la famiglia, per gli amici, per i parenti e molto altro ancora.

    Il Salone di gioielleria della Shawkat Shami affiora questo amore in ogni suo pezzo di gioielleria rendendolo unico e speciale. Perciò quando i nostri clienti acquisteranno un gioiello presso i nostril negozi avrà la garanzia di trovare pieno amore, inventive e originalità mischiati a pietre preziose di alta qualità.

    Per questo tutto è questione d’amore.

  • ‏‏El amor es lo más hermoso del mundo

    ‏El amor es lo más hermoso del universo.... el amor es la creatividad, el amor a la excelencia, el amor al diseño, el amor al desarrollo, el amor al aprendizaje y el amor al liderazgo.Amor por el trabajo y amor por la belleza y amor por las personas, la familia, los vecinos, los padres y parientes ... No podemos contar los tipos de amor.

    Hemos integrado el amor por el servicio al cliente, la excelencia, la creatividad y el diseño en todas las piezas de joyería Shawkat Shami.

    Cuando compra una pieza de joyería de Shawkat Al Shami además de creatividad y excelencia en piedras raras de joyería y diseños, contiene todo tipo de amor adentro.

    ‏‏El amor es lo más hermoso del mundo

  • Это всё о любви…

    Слоган ювелирного изделья Шаукат Щами – это любовь…

    Без любви просто не существовало бы жизни, так как любовь это, то, что делает мир намного лучше…следовательно мы научились любить и находить любовь в бесконечных вещах: любовь к оригинальности и творчеству, любовь к дизайну, любовь к инновациям и прогрессу, любовь к работе, любовь к красоте, любовь к людям, семье, друзьям, родственником и бесчисленное множество других вещей.

    Ювелирные Изделья Шаукат Щамиобъединили всю эту любовьи,в свою очередь, она сталаотражается в наших ювелирных изделиях, делая их уникальными и особыми. Следовательно, когда вы покупаете наши изделья с нашего магазина, мы вам гарантируем, что в дополнение к любви, инновационности, оригинальности наших редких камней и в их высококачественном дизайне, вы почувствуйте нашу к вам любовь.

    Это всё о любви…

  • Սերն է ամենագեղեցիկ այս աշխարհում ...

    Մեր կարգախոսն է Դար ոսկերչական Shawkat Շամիի է սեր, ոչ սերը կյանքը չի շարունակվի, սեր է առավել գեղեցիկ է տիեզերքի, սերը տեսակները եւ տեսակի անվերջ .. այդ թվում Սիրո ստեղծագործական եւ սիրո գերազանցության եւ սիրո տիզայնի եւ սիրո զարգացման եւ զարգացման ու սիրո դասավանդման, ուսումնառության եւ սիրո ղեկավարության եւ սիրո աշխատանքի եւ սիրո գեղեցկության եւ սիրո մարդիկ, ընտանեկան, հարեւանները, ծնողներն ու հարազատները .. մենք չենք կարող հաշվել տեսակի սիրո.

    Մենք միացվել ծանոթյություններ հաճախորդների սպասարկման, գերազանցությունն, ստեղծագործական եւ տիզայնի բոլոր ոսկերչական խաղաքարերով Shawkat Շամիի հետ: Երբ Aguetnaik կտոր Shawkat Շամիի զարդերի, ինչպես նաեւ ստեղծագործական եւ բարձր հազվագյուտ ոսկերչական եւ բարձր- եւ նմուշների քարերով, դրանք պարունակում են բոլոր տեսակի սիրո ներսում.

    Սերը այս աշխարհում ամենագեղեցիկն է: