Shawkat Shami Fine Jewelry Salon has unveiled its latest jewelry collection, “Aurora”. This exclusive collection, the second to be unveiled this year by the Jewelry Salon, consists of bangles, cuffs, and rings made from stingray leather. Trendy and fun designs, coupled with stunning colors, make the Aurora collection perfect for the upcoming summer season.

The word Aurora” means the pattern of differently-colored lights that illuminate the sky at the break of dawn.

With the launch of the Aurora collection, Shawkat Shami Fine Jewelry Salon continues its tradition of providing innovative designs at the forefront of the latest trends in fashion and society, catering to all tastes. Earlier this year, the Jewelry Salon also unveiled the KARMA collection.

The Aurora collection is on display and available exclusively at all Shawkat Shami branches.
Let the trendy and colorful Aurora collection brighten up your jewelry collection this summer!