Shawkat Shami Fine Jewelry Salon has recently revealed its casual collection “KARMA”. The collection varies between beautiful leather bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces.

KARMA comes from the Indian culture and means the fortune that tells people what the future is holding for them. It was also used as the wisdom which prevents unethical behavior and supports people to keep the faith and good will, and to bring them the best of luck.

The main feature in this distinguished collection is “The Hamsa Hand”, which has always been a symbol for loyalty and forbearance. Hamsa jewelry is used to bring good luck and protection to its owners. The vibrant enamel in beautiful colors and the delicate workmanship of the pieces complemented the theme in a way that combined both nature and history together.

The” KARMA” collection is part of Shawkat Shami’s devotion in always presenting the most stylish, distinguished jewelry to its customers while maintaining the highest standards of quality, service and design.