Jewelry Care

The jewelry you have purchased from us is guaranteed to stay as brand new as it was when first received if handled correctly; since the pieces are made from natural materials and can react to the environment negatively if not taken care of.

All Jewelry

Softer stones such as Malachite and turquoise, along with almost all other stones (including pearls) will be affected if oils and chemicals that are harsh to the jewelry are absorbed. When absorbed, the jewelry may change color or lose its shine. In order to avoid harming your jewelry, it is best to wear your jewelry last when dressing, and after applying your perfume and/or hairspray as to eschew the chemicals from accumulating on your jewelry.

How to Take Care of Diamond Jewelry

- Brush off the Diamond.

Start with brushing the diamonds to remove any dust or dirt.

- A mix of warm water and mild detergent:

Before you begin to clean, make a mix of warm water and mild detergent, then place your jewelry in the bowl that you’ve made your mixture with.

- Soak and Clean.

Allow the diamond to soak for a few minutes in the mixture you have made. Once done, clean it with an old toothbrush at best. Make sure to get under the stone as this is where all the dirt and oils gather.


Rinse your diamond using a strainer. After rinsing, use a soft and clean cloth to dry the jewelry, you can also leave it to air dry.

How to Take Care of Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry needs to be checked by a professional jeweler at least once a year to look through the prongs and mountings, which is what holds your stones in place. When checked, you can be sure that your diamond will not fall and get lost.

Today, an Ultra-sonic cleanser with high frequency is available and is able to clean diamond jewelry. These machines are of various types so if you have time, please pass by our showrooms and we will be happy to clean your diamond jewelry pieces.

If you do not wear your diamond jewelry for a length of time, you should store it in a jewelry box and keep it apart from other jewelry. Please note that every piece of jewelry should have its own place. Thus, you will protect your diamond from being scratched or damage other jewelry in the process.

Remember that it is completely up to you to decide what type of cleaning method you choose. Only cleaning your jewelry will bring back its sparkle.